Wealthy affiliate is one of the best ways to earn passive income

What is passive income?

Well, let’s look at what non-passive income is, you work once and get paid, a regular hourly job. You do not work and you don’t get paid. You are trading time for money. The definition of passive is not active or not participating. So passive income is money you make without working for it. The term passive income can be confusing because you do have to work to set up the income or income stream, as it is sometimes called, but once you have done the work you can continue to make money from the original work without putting more work into it. So it isn’t totally passive because you will still want to promote your work and get it seen by people who would be interested in it.

Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income.

Affiliate marketing is marketing in which a business rewards affiliates (you) for bringing customers to their business through your marketing and promoting. So you promote companies and they reward you with compensation. This can be done by making a website to promote a product or service or writing a blog posting promoting the product.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that teaches you how to set up an affiliate marketing website step by step. You learn everything there is to know about how to set up your website for affiliate marketing. They teach you through online classes and videos that walk you through every step to get you set up for whatever you would like to promote.

Here are just a few of the things I love about Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Community – I have not found a community anywhere that can compare to Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many members willing to help with anything you need and if they can’t answer your questions will try to point out where you can find the help you need. Premium members have a live 24 chat where they can communicate or just chat with other members. You can get help, make connections, meet new people, offer help. In addition to the live chat, every member can have a blog on the Wealthy Affiliate website and these site blogs are not for promoting your other blog (there are other ways to do that) but most of the members offer encouragement, updates or information on their site blogs.
  2. Training – There is so much training here it can seem overwhelming. There is a 5 course Online Entrepreneur training, 7-course Affiliate Bootcamp, weekly live training classes, plus hundreds of other video training available and more added all the time. There are also a ton of member posts that offer training.
  3. Web hosting – You can have up to 25 domain sites hosted here and also 25 free sites. That is plenty of affiliate marketing websites you can build and have access to them all in the same place.
  4. 2 free sites – Even if you are not a premium member you can still go through some training and have 2 free sites available to make an affiliate marketing site.
  5. Live classes – As I mentioned in training, there are live classes every Friday. I have not been able to attend these classes since the time is not good for me but I have watched quite a few because they are all available for replay so even if you cannot be at the class you can still benefit from the training.
  6. Keyword research tool – As a premium member, you have access to the keyword research tool Jaaxy. You are able to do research and save lists for future posts and ideas. This is one of the top keyword research tools.
  7. Support – Wealthy Affiliate not only has great 24/7 site support they have members willing to help you out if you can not figure something out. I have had help from members who will visit my site to see if they can help me with a problem I was having.
  8. Security – The security features include security including hacking, malware, and bot-net attack protection. All of these are included with your membership.
  9. Website performance information – There is also website performance information that can be easily accessed through site health details and they include suggestions of things to do to improve your website.
  10. Site feedback – Members are able to ask other members for feedback on their website. This gives you a chance to see what others think of your site and how you can work to improve viewers overall experience.
  11. Comments – Membership also includes ways to trade comments on each other websites for more engagement.
  12. Content writing platform – In the Site Content area you can see the articles you are currently working on, you can use templates to write new articles and even set writing goals. You can even see the total of words you have written through the content area.
  13. Set writing goals – this is within the site content area. In the writing goals area, you can set goals by how many articles you want to write or how many total words you would like to write. It lists the total article you wrote and how many were indexed by Google.
  14. Affiliate programs – Wealthy Affiliate also has some great affiliate programs available to every member with better money-making opportunities offered to premium members.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for learning and growing your passive income.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to get your affiliate marketing website up and running. It is a great opportunity for learning about the world of affiliate marketing especially if you are a beginner. Classes are structured to start at the beginning but even if you have experience building websites, there are still plenty of learning experiences to be had at Wealthy Affiliates from the weekly live classes to the hundreds of other classes available in the training area of the website. The training in itself offered at Wealthy Affiliate is well worth the premium membership and in addition to that, you get so much more. The ability to host and have access to multiple websites from one area is also a huge plus if you are running multiple sites. You also have a great community which is better than anywhere else I have found online, I have looked. Online work can be isolating and having a supportive community is invaluable.

Come and check out the Wealthy Affiliate community and get your website started soon.


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